Why Choose a Handyman?

The handyman is a relatively new concept industry wise, with many property maintenance service providers choosing to confine themselves to specific services such as plumbing, electrical, painting and decorating etc.

Nowadays juggling work and family commitments can mean many home owners simply struggle finding time to keep on top of DIY and general maintenance jobs around their home. Many of us leave jobs stacked up on our to-do lists, never to see the light of day or until we end up spending all our weekend or holiday time trying to catch up. Sound familiar?

So is there an efficient and cost effective way to get those everyday maintenance jobs done? When faced with the prospect of getting somebody in who do we call?  More often than not most home improvements do not require the services of a specialist but can easily fall under the scope of a competent and knowledgeable handyman.

This is where the Handyman is best suited, to bridge the gap between basic and DIY jobs and those where a professional is required, carving themselves out as distinctive service providers. Services can range from simple tasks like hanging pictures, to fitting a new bathroom or even completely renovating a house. With the exception of some specialist jobs where qualified tradesmen must be used to ensure compliance with legislation, the local Handyman is filling the void offering a cost effective and tailored service. Designed to help the home owner catch up with all those odd jobs and house repairs.